Smart Video Intercom – WI-BELL

Wi-bell Intercom

Smart Video Intercom


Technology makes life easier

The WI-BELL is a smart home device that is tailored to suite anyone

and everyone, answer your intercom from your Smart Phone.


How does it work?

Your visitor arrives at your
premises and they simply press the button the same way they would any other intercom or doorbell.

The notification of a visitor is sent
through to your smart phone in the similar way a WhatsApp message is received


Wi-bell Intercom 

 . . . and VOILA  . . .

Swipe to answer and there you have it, the person standing at your door or gate wanting to communicate with you.

If it’s the mother in law, you can let her in (or not) but the point is, you can see who it is and what’s more, you can talk to them via the two way communication feature.


No need to open your door to strangers,

keeping you and your family safe.



Check you have good wifi coverage where the wi-bell will be positioned. Decent upload speed on your internet line minimum 3.0mbps

The smart video intercom you can answer from anywhere . . .

The smart video intercom you can answer from anywhere . . .open your gate directly from your smart phone

Posted by Budget Security on Tuesday, 19 June 2018

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