CCTV Camera Installation

CCTV Camera Installation Systems for business and home. We carry the best CCTV security systems at the best prices.

CCTV Camera Installation

CCTV cameras Systems can be overt or covert, indoor or outdoor, stationary or moving, and all have their own individual characteristics enabling you to choose a tailor-made solution for your circumstances. Except specialist applications, all our models of CCTV camera have colour CCD sensors, so footage will always be recorded in full colour no matter which model of camera you choose. Many of our models will switch from colour to black & white when the light level drops below that which can support a colour image therefore extending the cameras ability to see into the night.

CCTV Maintenance

Maintenance and service are key elements in ensuring any security system remains effective and trouble free in operation always. Budget Security takes great pride in ensuring all equipment is fully tested to the highest standards before and during installation. It is important however to test and maintain the equipment at regular intervals to make sure the system is running at its optimum capacity. An effective Service and Maintenance contract ensures that our commitment to service delivery and residents safety is provided in the form of a quality and managed service. We can help manage any changes and provide expert advice on technologies and their capabilities. For more information on maintenance options and upgrades please contact us

CCTV Camera Systems

State-of-the-art bespoke CCTV systems are available for purchase from Budget Security. An unlimited number of CCTV cameras can be connected to your network, each of which can be viewed through on your smart phone or any network cable device. We are experienced in the installation and maintenance of both large and small CCTV systems capable of providing your site with a sophisticated monitoring system.


The latest technology from Budget Security offers you high quality DVR/NVR recording systems, which can be networked together across multiple sites. Each DVR/NVR can be individually controlled from a single point on the network, and allows the viewer to watch both live and historic CCTV footage via a secure internet connection.

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